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Audio &
Live Sound

Music is always the first aspect that comes to mind when planning an event, as getting the most high-quality audio and sound equipment is essential to enhance the life of your party and entertain your guests! At MK Productions, you are ensured to receive the best and most specialized audio and sound equipment in the market, with a variety of options to choose from in order to take your event to the next level. Also count on the expertise of our MK Productions team to guide you on the most appropriate and budget-friendly audio and sound sets that fit your party. Let us help you guarantee the best atmosphere and the success of your event with our finest and most complete audio and sound equipment!

Mix & Mastering (Studio)


Needing a more specialized production team and equipment? Perhaps for a commercial or documentary? Well, you found it! MK Productions focuses on recording, dubbing, mixing, and mastering processes, in order to add that touch of professionalism and dedication that all your viewers will appreciate and enjoy! Combined with our team of skilled and renowned names in the music industry, you can count on our expertise and commitment to create and perfect musical productions for any audiovisual piece that you desire!

Rigging, Staging
& Truss

 Ever thought of hosting an event with an expansive and eye-catching stage where your entertainers can perform? Or perhaps give the most emotional toast that leaves everyone speechless? Well, it is possible! Not only huge, upscale events can enjoy a large staging area with lots of lighting and sound equipment. Enhance your event by choosing the most-fitting and breathtaking stage that will make your guests wonderstruck! From the simplest and cost-efficient to the most flashy and ostentatious stage, our MK Productions team has the best staging equipment to add a whole new area to your event. Also, upgrade your party by incorporating a truss to allow your entertainers a free and uncluttered space to demonstrate their talents!

Musicians &

 While an amazing playlist is a great asset that will do the trick at some parties, nothing can beat the enthusiasm and energy a live band or DJ can provide! There is no party without music, and for this reason, it is essential to pay major attention to how you will entertain your guests. MK Productions is a company that not only has major experience in the entertainment field, but also has a large variety of contacts with professional musicians, bands, DJs, and other types of performers that will improve the ambiance of your event and make your party one that nobody will ever forget. From the most romantically-inclined bands for your wedding day to the DJs with the best mixes and upbeats records, bringing live musicians and bands to perform at your special event will never fail to entertain your guests!


What is an amazing live band, with a spacious stage, and the best audio and sound tools without the right lighting equipment? Entertainment is a combination of various important factors, one of which are the visual and lighting effects. Choose the most high-quality and technologically efficient lighting equipment to improve your guests’ experience and the atmosphere of your party, all while combining them with the most innovative special effects tools to upgrade your event. Mix and match from our best MK Productions lighting sets with the advice of our expert team, allowing us to guide you in the best ways you can use our lighting and special effects equipment to make your event one nobody will ever forget!



Making your event the most impressive one your guests have ever seen requires a mix of important details. You’ve covered the stage, the audio, and lighting equipment, but your background still seems empty and lackluster? Boost the ambiance of your event with one of our innovative LED screens to enhance the visual aspect that will leave your guests mesmerized. MK Productions offers the best cutting-edge technology and high-resolution screens to modernize and revamp your party’s atmosphere. Choose between various color pallets and hues to match the theme of your special event, all while allowing our professional team to set up your eye-catching new addition. Create special memories and take the most captivating photos and videos of your event in front of a LED screen that will enthrall all your guests!

Video &

Capturing every moment of your event while actively living it is one of the most important details you want to take care of while planning a party. You want to make sure you are living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it; knowing that you will be able to relive those joyful experiences through the videos and pictures of that day. At MK Productions, we guarantee the most modern and superior video and photography equipment to capture all the major and special moments of your event. Also, we offer a highly professional and knowledgeable team to take the burden off yourself and your guests from recording every detail of your party. From family photos at a birthday party to your first dance as husband and wife, you are ensured that every memorable event is recorded for you to enjoy in the years to come!


Ever tried recording a video and having to roll, cut, and edit it before the final results? Well, live streaming does not allow you to do that. Live streaming is a very popular way to engage in high levels of interactivity with the public who, in contrast to a pre-recorded video, are taking time from their day to watch your video in your time and not theirs. For this reason, it is important that you are prepared to engage in your live streaming session before the actual recording takes place. At MK Production, we ensure the most technologically advanced and specialized tools to not only ensure your live streaming session is captured effectively, but also to combine and switch between multiple video and audio streams that will keep your audience entertained. With our particular live streaming devices and expertise in the entertainment and production industry, you can trust that all your live streaming productions will be of the highest-quality to capture and maintain your viewers for hours!

& Render (3D)


Imagine a glow-in-the-dark party without neon lights or a celebrity gala without the red carpet. It seems incomplete and careless. Ambiance is one, if not the most, crucial factor that could either “make or break” your event, as your guests will immediately feel the care and attention put into making the venue as warm, accommodating, and joyful as possible. You can count on MK Productions to possess the finest and most original elements to create this immersive environment that will leave our guests awestruck, such as custom furniture, themed-backgrounds, and unique decor. Upgrade your themed-party by improving its layout with a special ambiance that will not only fascinate your guests, but also inspire their future events!



Unexpected things are bound to happen and special events, such as birthday parties or weddings, are not the exception. Uninvited individuals may try to infiltrate your event or your venue may be located in a dangerous neighborhood without your knowledge, which is why ensuring your safety and that of your guests should always be a top priority. Event security is a service provided by a trustworthy and professional private security company whose goal is to provide tactical measures and personnel that will protect not only the hosts and guests, but also the staff and property where the event is taking place. While not regularly considered when planning an event, having event security will not only improve your safety, but also provide you tranquility and comfort in the knowledge that, should an inconvenience occur, you have trained experts in the field to take care of the situation. By hiring a security company for your special event, you are guaranteeing the protection of attendees, staff, and property, as well as securing the completion and success of your event!

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